Project Description

Log cabin Sauerland

This is our log cabin Sauerland

Our client wanted a log cabin to use as a bar to spend quality time with family and friends. This log cabin is located at the back of the client’s house. At the side of this log cabin Sauerland the client also wanted one of our many log cabin garages to store his car safely. This cabin has 1 window to the front with a set of double doors to let natural light into the cabin. The garage has 2 windows to the side and a door to the side to allow the client into the garage it also has a lift garage door to have accessed for the car. This cabin and garage is also fitted with outside lights which Beaver Log Cabins supplied to the client.

Our team ateaver Log Cabins carried out the build of cabin and garage, painting work of the cabin and landscaping and left the cabin and garage ready to walk into.