Project Description

chill out log cabin

Log Cabin Wolfgang – Our client wanted a log cabin to use as a chill out area when friends and family are over. This cabin is designed with 2 separate rooms that can be accessed via two separate doors with 2 windows, one to the front and one to the side to let natural light into the log cabin. The colour of this cabin helps makes it stand out.

It has a veranda type decking which you can use as sitting for the likes of BBQ and to chill out with friends and family when the weather is good. This decking is attached to the cabin and finished with stone’s and beautiful flowers beds and a path way to the cabin.

This project was completed by our grounds work and joiners at Beaver Log Cabins. The client wanted this cabin painted by our painters to ensure the paint used was the correct type for the wood.

For more information on this cabin please contact our sales team. View spec.